Contents Cleaning Service in Brantford

From important documents and clothes to electronics and furniture, Paul Davis Brantford/Woodstock can restore these precious belongings and much more. After damage has occurred to your home, the recovery process can seem insurmountable when you see how much there is to consider. One is the possessions of the home – your household goods, furniture and other personal possessions. Were any of these items damaged? Our contents cleaning tools mean that precious items that were at one time automatically discarded may now be just like new. Some of these items include:
  • Clothing, draperies, linens, and other textiles
  • Jewelry, kitchen items, fine china
  • Leather jackets, boots and shoes
  • Furniture
  • Appliances, TVs, and electronics
  • Books, important papers and other documents
  • Artwork
Our restoration and contents cleaning services include:
  • Helping you to identify items to be restored and cleaned
  • Careful packing and removal of these items to our central contents processing center
  • Use of advanced contents cleaning technology, such as industrial grade wash systems, ultrasonics cleaning equipment and freeze-drying systems
  • Return your cleaned items promptly
Within 48 hours, Paul Davis Brantford/Woodstock can clean an emergency supply of clothes and return it to you.

Why Paul Davis?

We specialize in keeping sentimental belongings and cherished memories. Paul Davis always uses the latest in contents cleaning technology to save many of these items that were nearly discarded. We know how important these items are and will work tirelessly to save them for you.