Why Paul Davis

So what is it that sets Paul Davis apart?

First of all, Paul Cares! We demonstrate this daily as we work with customers and we use practical, thoroughly tested devices such as the Net Promoter program for customer feedback to measure and refine the Paul Davis customer experience.

In our drive for continuous improvement, we introduced to our industry unique services and innovations that have since been adopted as standards. They include:

  • offering the industry’s first job satisfaction guarantee through an independent organization and fund.
  • using botanically-based, environmentally friendly cleaning products in our restoration service, rather than standard cleaning chemicals.
  • enforcing precise national operating standards in our procedures.
  • implementing the first computerized standard job costing system.
  • offering the most comprehensive warranty plan available in Canada.

We have set high standards for restoration services in Brantford. We constantly exceed the expectations of property owners and insurance companies. Our assessments are thorough, our craftsmanship impeccable, and our communication and project management effective. If you need help with emergency restoration in Brantford, call Paul!