Sewage Backup Cleanup

Severe weather and fires typically come to mind when most Brantford residents think of emergencies. But many hazards can begin inside your own home or business. Sewer backup is a common emergency that can have dire consequences if ignored.

Whether it’s a simple bathtub clog or a seriously backed up toilet, touching any kind of sewage water is dangerous. Instead of putting your health at risk, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Hazards of Sewer Water

Sewer water is disgusting, but that’s not the only reason to avoid it. Pathogen-carrying sewage water can flow into your potable water during big and small overflows. Even drinkable water sources can foster disease in pooling water. Raw sewage, for example can contain E. Coli, Leptospirosis and other hazardous pathogens.

Black water rises from beyond the toilet trap and usually carries or has come in contact with solid refuse. Normally black water has remained static for a long enough time to encourage the growth of pathogens. Black water can also be spotted in lake and river water. If you find a black water overflow in your home or storefront, contact the Paul Davis Emergency professionals promptly.

Paul Davis Sewage Removal

If you ever experience a sewage leak in your home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in treating dangerous substances. We help the Brantford, ON area with quick responding help for sewer backups, flooding and mold removal. Act now to remove the leak. Talk to us now to prevent further damage to your home or business.

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